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This is to notify our esteemed clients that we have moved to Plot 13 & 15 Eleyele/Ologuneru Road, Opposite Eruwa Garage, Eleyele, Ibadan.


Our Training Process work in the outlined ways:
  • Identification of training needs: Addresses finding out if there is, or identifying training needs, who needs trained (target audience), why the training is required and its expected outcome and impact.
  • Design of training solutions: Planning, design and development of a systematic and consistent approach for all training solutions. Training solutions cover face to face training and open and flexible learning including e-learning.
  • Delivery of training solutions: Ensuring the delivery of the training is effective and provides opportunities for the learners to learn in other to meet the expected outcomes of our clients.
  • Evaluation of training solutions: Covers providing our clients with tools and parameters to evaluate performance of participants over time after completion of the training program.

Our training courses are focused at helping our participants acquire knowledge and skills that will help them effectively achieve the following:
  • Managing Self
  • Managing People
  • Managing work/business

We also offer our clients other training related solutions:
  • Development of earning systems
  • Training needs analysis
  • Training and learning evaluation
  • Training curriculum development


  • Plot 13 & 15 Eleyele/Ologuneru Road,
  • Opposite Eruwa Garage
  • Eleyele, Ibadan
  • 0703-427-3760 , 0803-783-5935


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